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The Spy in Me

Bear and Margie came off the stage and went directly toward Daniel. Bear stopped in front of Daniel, the look of fear in his eyes said it all but he said it anyway “meeting in the great hall at the castle one hour.” Daniel walked out with Russell on stage to wrap up the event. Daniel slapped Michael on the back and reminded everyone how important their support was and Russell said that he was glad to be back in Norway but he needed to spend time with family so he would have to embrace the people tomorrow. They waved and made a quick joke about the three musketeers together once again and were off.

“Spill it, Russell. I can’t wait another minute.” Russell knew where he was headed “she hasn’t been seen in three days and the college checked the dorms and her things are all there but her roommate said that she had not come home and she always comes home or calls.” Then finally they were walking toward the car, “we got the exchange letter today Daniel.” Shamus snuck up behind them as they were climbing in the limousine. Daniel looked at Shamus “Margo?” Shamus shook his head and said they thought she was dead. “Somebody from the Burmese area is taking her place. At least that is what it looks like now. Let’s get out of here and get to the hall. There was a time limit and we are running out of time now.”

They climbed into the car and were off before all the doors were closed. Shamus could see that Daniel was blaming himself. “No one blames you son. We all knew what the risks were. We also know Angelina’s temper. We are hoping she sticks with common sense for once.”


‘Pop’s, The Red Pirate, The reverend, and three blind mice, Dr. Franken’

Bear knew the codes Pop’s was the Colonel, The Red Pirate, Shamus, The Reverend was Pastor Rowland McGrath, three blind mice were usually, Andrew, Chris, and Bear so logic told him that Russell was in on it too. He was sure that there were more like Birds of a feather were usually Hawk, White Dove, and Red Bird if she was with. Dr. Franken was a joke short for Frankenstein and he was Cale and was supposed to be dead.

Bear and Doug hadn’t heard from Daniel and Angelina in a while and wanted a check-in. so he asked for check-in from the ‘Professor and Marianne’. The response was in with ‘check and double-check.’ Bear was still worried that this would now be a fishing expedition. We had more people than we needed but who was dirty and clean was still not clear. More questions were brought forth and still, none answered. Who could they thank for Misha’s sister being held and Dr. Nguyen’s sister and her family being threatened? Who was making these children and how were they getting into the military hospitals to do it? Hopefully, tomorrow would bring a clue and a direction for them to follow.

2 comments on “The Spy in Me

  1. msbemc
    October 24, 2017

    I do believe you’ve increased your readership by one J. Delaney. Your a fantastic writer, enjoy the dialogue, and the characters and plot, and sub plots sound fascinating. I can’t wait to get your book. Where should I begin?


    • jand328
      October 25, 2017

      Thank you very much! The books can all be found on Amazon or Kobo or many more. Js Delaney books on Amazon or copy the link below.


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