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The Glory of Honor


Bear was shocked “Why the hell am I hearing this now.” Hawk didn’t turn to look at him he was looking through the site in his rifle. They were just up the ridge when they saw them waiting at the door. “You know why. His Grandson is blind and Daniel probably told him in detail what went down. Gray Wolf called for him to help him before this and he was coming anyway. He didn’t want you to know until he felt like telling you.” Bear knew it was because he wanted to talk to Gray Wolf first without being disturbed. Then he would have looked into whatever Gray Wolf told him himself before he made any decisions he wanted to share with Bear. Hawk adjusted the site. “It’s Coyote Mike’s kid and White Feather. There just sitting on the porch so I’m thinking you’re right and they called Paulo.”
“Here he is, they are knocking. Spirit Fawn is at the door. He rushed and pushed his way in. Come on.” Hawk said it as he was getting back into the truck. Bear jumped into the back and they were in the driveway in less than five minutes. Spirit Fawn was talking to Paulo and then he had her by the hair. The two thugs were sitting at the kitchen table. Russell was dressed and had on his sunglasses and a baseball cap to hide his hair. He walked out and pretended to not know what was going on. His knife in his boot and his gun tucked under his shirt in his pant “Spirit Fawn,” he said calmly “is everything okay?”
Paulo was putting his fingers to his lips. Looking directly at Spirit Fawn “Yes Jacob, just sit down and I’ll get your breakfast, we have guests so use your manners.” Russell nodded and sat in a chair at the table.
Paulo pulled Spirit Fawn into the living room mumbling about why she had Russell’s truck in the driveway. Spirit Fawn was on it, “Calm down Paulo, he let me borrow it because Jacob is too big to fit in my car. We haven’t been together since I was seventeen and you know that.”
“Spirit Fawn, you were with him at the hospital. Everybody knows that.” He turned his ring around and slapped her face hard. She tried not to make a sound because she didn’t want Russ coming to her aid and getting himself killed. “Where do you think I would be hiding him Paulo?” Paulo slapped her hard again, this time cutting her cheek and she sucked in her breath. The sound was impossible to ignore. Russell stood and calmly “Fawn, are you okay?” She was scared now, there was no denying it “Jacob I won’t be long. Please be patient, I need to talk to this man.” Russ sat back down and he could smell the marijuana. “I don’t think Spirit Fawn would appreciate you smoking in her house.” The man laughed and blew it in his face. “She’ll be fine with it, just you wait and see.” The two men at the table laughed at their own joke. The smoke from the marijuana was making shadows behind Russell’s eyes. He couldn’t see really anything but shapes or outlines. “I don’t like the smell of that, please blow it the other way.” Knowing that would be just what they needed to blow more in his face. These two had the manners of a rabid dog. Sure enough, the smoke came his way and he found that as he breathed it seemed to relax him and increase his vision he could almost see faces, not well but a little like shadows in the night. He didn’t want to test it further by taking off his sunglasses because then they would know who it was. He grabbed for his gun and used the butt to knock out the one closest to him and as the other drew a weapon, he shot him. Paulo heard the shot and came down the hallway using Fawn as a shield. The shot came though the living room hitting Paulo right in the shoulder. As one shadow dropped, Russell knew that the other shadow was Spirit Fawn. “Paulo, this is for my Grandfather.” Russell finished him. He holstered his weapon in the top of his jeans, grabbed Spirit Fawn holding her head to his chest and rubbed her back she shook and cried, trying to get herself under control. “Stand down Russ.” Russell held Spirit and he didn’t understand the words but he knew that voice. “Grandpa is Spirit Fawn okay.” As Ambry came up to Russell he took Spirit Fawn by the shoulders and he turned her around to see her face was cut up pretty bad by Paulo’s ring and looked like her jaw and nose were quickly swelling. “Spirit Fawn, sit down now and let me get you some ice.” Ambry seemed shaken by the beating she just took to her face. “Russell, get the bags and I’ll get the ice.” Russell slid along the counter trying to count the steps to the drawer like they practiced, handed Grandpa the bags as Bear and Hawk came in. Ambry put the bag of ice on the right side of her face and then saw the blood on her head and grabbed another bag for ice. While he was working, he heard the door open and he knew who it was. “Bear call an ambulance to have these two looked after and haul Paulo away. Hawk you need to make this official and she needs x-rays of her face, I think he might have broken her nose and fractured her jaw. Clean out the cars of the drugs before anyone comes and give it to Red Bird.” Russell chimed in “It seemed to help me see something. Leave some for me. That is how I saw them, just shadows because they were smoking it at the table.” Ambry knew how Russell felt about drugs. “You heard your son, save some to see if it helps him.” Ambry was angry and he wasn’t really good at controlling his temper. “You two know what this means?” Everyone knew just what it meant. It meant war.

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