The Write Stuff

Resume Letter Example

Human Resources;
I would like the opportunity to present a detailed plan for the opening “Interoperability IT Project Manager”. After reviewing in detail your requirements, I would like to detail the transferable skills that make me the candidate of choice for your opening;


You’re requiring a minimum of a Masters Degree in information systems or Healthcare business administration. Below please find that my education surpasses your minimums;

• DePaul University, Bachelor of Arts, Communication, Minor- Business Administration/Marketing
• Rush University, Master of Science, Health Systems Management
• Post Graduate Fellowship in Health Services Administration, Johns Hopkins Health System
• University of Wisconsin-Stout, Graduate Certificate, Instructional Design
• Grand Canyon University, Doctor of Education, Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Health Care Administration, expected Jan, 2020

• Epic Ambulatory
• Epic Prelude
• Epic Cadence
• Epic Kaleidoscope
• Epic Classicist Recognition, 2011
 Already in your employment I understand the importance of Meaningful Use Standards
 Complex projects are part of my daily experience being an IT employee with Rush now which includes; Epic Care, and MyChart along with many previous works. I am excited to guide the next innovative Lead in their challenges.
 I have more than 5 years experience that include Rush University medical center as a lead in projects, helping to develop processes and develop, design and analyze. Determining new improvements and understanding the needs of the Managers in IT, Clinical Performance Improvement, Network Development, Transformation and Organizational Development along with governance standards is something I have a greater understanding. The Technical side has been a successful and rich understanding of previous education and experiences with Rush already established but the understanding of Rush’s needs for Human relations, Governance, guiding principal and regulatory standards is not without conversation. The core technical standards and functions we support daily are clear but the foundation for understanding the rich responsibilities of the guiding success of employees is something I have not considered.

My Human Resources skills;

• International Certified Holistic Coach
• Certified Entrepreneur Branding Coach
• Certified Woman’s leadership Coach
• Certified Diversity Trainer
• Epic Certified Clinical Software Modules: Ambulatory, Cadence, Prelude, and Kaleidoscope.

“Better Leader Richer Life”, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania

Leadership by design is very important in this role and in my life;

Planning and Design

Because I understand what makes a successful team, developing and maintaining updates, overseeing the development in the documentation all new work flows, policies and procedures, defining scope of the project and the objectives, roles/responsibilities, I can also understand the risks that define each plan and the issues that might arise.

Building and Testing

I understand the importance of time management and can easily monitor and manage the risk, collaborate, validate and execute changes to existing applications ensuring the integrity and quality of the upgrade while understand what needs to be done to train staff to effective use the changes.

Implementing and training

I look forward to being apart of the efforts to roll-out schedules and manage and monitor overall schedules. Collaborate with the Teams developing an end user training programs or guides.
General Project Management and on-Going support

Collaborate with the Application specialist, Manage All projects, guide staff in understanding the goals and future improvements keeping in line with the business objectives.

In conclusion; Because of my goals I have chosen to utilize all my skills and focus on a new project with Rush. I have included my resume so that my outlined skills, history and previous education bring you to the same conclusion.

I want to thank you in advance for your review of my credentials and I look forward to a face to face interview to discuss this position in detail. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

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