The McAlister Series

Officer Christopher Kane

Chris gave a wave to the sky and went back to work. “Here is where we are at. I found that Magnus loves to gamble and he isn’t great at it. I am getting that he has some credit problems with some very nasty people. He thought that if he married Princess Margie off he could control her interests, as well as any inheritance that she might receive, which is substantial by the way.

Chris ran to Bear and put his hand on his neck to see if he was ok, opened his robe, jacket and shirt and saw the bulletproof vest. “He’s out cold. The wimp,” Chris bent down and went to give him a kiss. “Don’t and you’re lucky I need you. You bastard” He helped him stand while he went to take off his bulletproof vest. “That’s going to leave a mark!”

Chris got down on his hands and knees so that he could look Bear in the eye. “You are not alone Bear. Everyone hear loves you man. You have been here for all of us. We are in it and you, my friend just gotta new role.”   Ciara was walking in when Chris kicked the bed. “You sit your ass in that bed soldier until your right.”


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