The McAlister Series

Margareta Angelina Aghstoff

Princess Margareta Aghustoff would do anything necessary for the people of her country and her brother, the future King safe.

“I have the honor of introducing Queen Margareta Angelina Aghustoff McAlister, Queen of the Norwegian Council and Political Prisoner as it were of the United States of America. You may ask your questions and address your concerns to Margareta, she has two Ph.Ds. one in International affairs and one in International law.”

Julius and I trusted you and Colonel McAlister. You found a safe place for Michael and Regna. So far, you have kept your end of the bargain, but remember this, you and the Colonel said I would be happy with Bear and you were right! He is part of this bargain. You want my cooperation you better keep him safe otherwise the deal is off!”

“I would like to say that it has been a tragic year and I must say that last year was no better with losing my mother and father but because of their grace and honor I would like to bring us full circle by coming back to the business of humanitarian efforts that bring us as a people out of the dust, back to the top of that hill and then higher!” She once again waited for the applause and continued. “I was hoping that I could introduce my new husband tonight but he has insisted that we will have time for that later. Never again time for our honeymoon and has instead chosen to stay behind to surprise me. Isn’t that sweet?” She started to use her hand to wipe her eyes. “I have brought you some new and wonderful gifts in the way of brothers and sisters that you hopefully will come to know and trust in the future. My new sister White Dove and her husband Jonathan River Hawk, we just call him Hawk because of his keen skills. I hope you take the time before you leave to shake their hands.

Minutes later Margie was staring at a dream. A happy Bear she could call hers. She leaned over him and softly kissed his eyelids and his nose and she thought he was sound asleep when suddenly without warning he wrapped his arms around her


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