The McAlister Series

Colonel Russell McAlister

Military_Hat1“Get me to JAG to find out how to proceed and then get me that nut Professor Ambrose McAlister from the Special Forces and do it before lunch. I want them briefed and in my office before I leave for my daughter’s birthday party” He took a couple of breaths and clearly stopped grabbed a cigar and lit it. When he turned back to Agent Kane, he took one more puff and blew the smoke into his face. “I promised my wife I would be calm and relaxed and by God I better be, because if she is upset it will come out of your ass, do you get that Chris?”

“Does Grandma need to be called?” The old man stopped turning “You would wouldn’t you? Just like yer mother!” gave the cigar over to one of his guards turned and left.

“Why is it every time I see you, you look like a bruised up mess?” Bear’s arm was purple and black from all the bruising and blood around the tissue. With the pain meds it was tolerable but it still was painful. “My mommy says it’s your fault?” Chris smiled at that and the Colonel turned to look at Chris “Do you see something funny here soldier?”



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