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I have found writers that have had small successes are often interesting and helpful but Amazon and other professionals have stated be very aware of those that are not open hearted! Because people are new they can be tender hearted and easily hurt by comments that are neither constructive nor helpful.

Knowing this people search long and wide for your answers there are many very wonderful people that are encouraging and helpful. Remember that mistakes are part of the process of becoming acknowledged in any business new to you and one as competitive as this one is no different. Don’t be defined by them but instead embrace them knowing that it’s behind you and you can now move forward.

One more thing to understand, I have read many articles that are very helpful but one statement that arises over and over; ‘ You can’t be everything to everyone’. Keep this in mind and look toward real help. If someone thinks that your book is not perfect ask them for their advice and remember who your asking. If it’s someone Like Patterson listen to every word, if it’s someone you know is as new as you, listen think about it and move forward with it in the back of your mind. Mull it over and then decide whether it has merit or not.

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