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Meet the McAlisters

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Princess Margareta Angelina Aghustoff was a criminal in her own country. Her Mother and Father were murdered and her brother and her would be dead soon without help. Her father’s friend, Colonel of the American Marines, Colonel Russell McAlister, would help her to safety and then she would make her uncle pay for his misdeeds, save her people from the sin and misery he made them suffer.Colonel Russell McAlister had a problem, He had let down his daughters and his Grandson had grown up in danger and away from his Mother and without a father but he would make it right. This was a chance to make it right and he wasn’t going to pass it up. He would send His Grandson to protect the Princess with his team in place and find out who killed his son-in-law, who killed his daughter and make NATO happy at the same time. Save his grandson from following in his father’s footsteps before it was too late. He needed real love and the Colonel knew just what to do. The McAlister’s had taken some real hardships and he wanted answers.

Follow the Colonel’s Grandson through the murky maze to find the answers, Captain Ambrose Bear McAlister was half Irish, half American Indian and belonged to both worlds and none at all, always on the outside looking in but his loyalty and love will see him through this and whatever else his Grandfather has baked up. Find out just what Captain McAlister’s team has in store to get it done and finally win this round.

Let the McALister’s renew your faith in Love, Family, and Fair!

“Word from Hawk is that they need Doug to get them out they are being called conspirators against the United States Government for keeping information about Daniel a secret.” Bear didn’t think that they would take it this far. “There must be some heavy metal in this Colonel?” Bear shot out the door yelling for Doug to get himself in there. Doug pounced up out of his chair “I got no fuel or air time left Bear! I’m good but this better be major cause I’m out on a limb now boy. I am retiring with full pension man.”Bear didn’t say a word he just let him carry on. Douglas McDonald’s father was a friend of his father’s and Ambry McKay was well known as a cleaner. If there was a trail that needed to be hidden from plain site or people needing to be removed he was your man. Never to be openly known as Bear’s father with extensive plastic surgery after a bomb blew him to kingdom come, he was known only as Shamus’s long lost brother come back from the dead and Bear’s father was truly dead and buried to the world at large. Finding his life in the dark crevices that the world at large rarely knew existed. Doug stomped in with an attitude that said no way no how.

“Doug they are trying to pull White Dove and Hawk off the reservation and hold them for crimes against the government for withholding information about Daniel.” That was all it took. “Dammit don’t those bastards have anything else to do besides mess with folks. . Bear this is going to cost you and I need Ambry for this one. Even I don’t go past Winter Village and that’s the first place they will look and you know it.” He nodded to the Colonel and looked to Shamus, “Tell Ambry I’ll meet him at the plane, and I wanted to see the wedding for once.” He shot out the door. “I am retiring Colonel, you better bring in Russ soon cause I am getting too old for this shit!”


“You hold the front of the cart and I will hold the back of the cart and guide.” She tried to avoid the subject all together because she didn’t wish to revisit old wounds.
As they were walking into the store Russell was propositioned twice, and Spirit Fawn was getting irritated when at last Rose Marie came in making each proposition seem silly. Rose Marie, five foot four inches tall and about the same around, happy, silly and when she worked with Spirit Fawn, she always made the day better.“Good Lord and to think I only came looking for groceries. Does this hot body belong to you Spirit Fawn, because if not I intend on putting in for a piece of that action.” Russell just laughed and so did Spirit Fawn.
“Russell Eagle Eye McAlister, may I introduce you to Rose Marie Little Creek.” Russell thought quickly of the absurdity of ‘nice to see you’ and settled with “Hello,” which was fine because Rose Marie was too busy going on with town gossip. She looked at Spirit Fawn and said directly “This is zip code?”Russ didn’t know what to say because his face had turned red and he was wondering if he should defend himself or just forget it, and laugh it off, but Spirit Fawn saved him. “Yes, this is the man that all the women of this town say they have slept with, hunted, and dreamed about.” Rose Marie gave a low whistle.
“Well honey, there is a lot running through my mind and I don’t think I need to tell you what it is.” Russell couldn’t stay out of it anymore, it was beyond embarrassing.
“Exaggerated, I assure you.”Rose Marie looked at Russell as if he was a piece of meat and then in a low voice she whispered in his ear “I hope not. Will you excuse us for just a moment, sweet heart?”

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